States with the Most Millionaires Per Capita


This is a map of per capita Millionaires from the Washington post blog. This is really showing suburbs of DC and NY having a large effect on smaller states, Connecticut and MD. This is a classic case of the Modifiable Area Unit problem. If San Francesco had a state north of the Bay it would like like New Jersey, but it is in a large state, so it effect is diminished on this map. The Easter Cost states and counties have been and continue to be rich and one can look at this map for counties with high average incomes to see the “probable” underlying pattern to this state map. Hawaii has very high property values that is affecting it’s statues. No idea about Alaska.

About Matthew Mulbrandon

I really like maps, as I am a geographer, and with the help of my more artistic partner I make cool maps. My focus in work and education has been centred on urban problems particularly housing and transportation. I have built and am working on several agent-based housing models. I am also interested in developing innovative ways to combat urban congestion using buses and electric kick scooters. Also it has led me to more theoretical pursuits such as how we determine if a model or methodology is sound (epistemology). How individuals relate to their social and built environment and their resulting interactions (social theory). Cities and really all our institutions are made of people with all their issues, virtues, and dreams and cannot be discounted when examining policy or predicting behaviours.

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